Simple Messages To Customers In Corporate Greeting Cards Won’t Rankle Anyone

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Some people are looking for a reason to get their feelings hurt, take offense or claim religious persecution. That’s why it makes sense to include simple messages in your corporate greeting cards that can’t rankle anyone in any way.

While at first, simple messages may seem a bit abrupt or even uncaring, after a moment’s thought you might prefer to call them elegant, minimal or to the point. When combined with a tasteful presentation of your company name or logo and a handwritten signature, the messages below could be just the thing you need to strike the right tone.

It may be tempting to go with longer, more flowery language and deeper sentiment, but that may not necessarily be appropriate for corporate greeting cards. Make your own decision, of course, but consider this advice.

Birthday Cards

For birthday cards — especially cards aimed at customers you hardly know — simple is especially important. You probably don’t know if the customer has a sense of humor, enjoys strong sentiment or appreciates irony.

Consider a very simple message like:

All the best to you on your birthday.

If you want something a bit more creative, you could try:

We hope one good thing after another comes to you this birthday.


Here’s to a birthday with many great and exciting things to celebrate.

While you can take things a bit farther with additional sentiment or humor, that’s only appropriate if you know the client or customer well. And when ordering corporate greeting cards, remember that they surely won’t all go to people you know well.

Thank You Cards

For thank you cards to customers who purchased services, emphasizing relationships is a smart idea. Consider something like:

We appreciate your confidence in us. It means more to our company than you can imagine.

If you sell products instead of services, you might prefer to write:

We hope you’re enjoying your new product. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you aren’t.

If you want to thank customers who call, write or email with feedback, you might try:

Thanks for taking time to reach out to us. Your feedback allows us improve our service.

Christmas Cards

Unless you’re certain all of your customers celebrate Christmas or your company promotes itself as Christian-owned, sticking with a simple holiday message is best. Try:

Wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world this holiday season.


Greetings of the season to you. May you always find a reason to celebrate.

For a Christian-themed message, you can still keep it generic and elegant by simply saying:

Merry Christmas! May you revel in the true meaning of the season this year and every year.

No matter the reason for sending corporate greeting cards, the message we offer about what to say is always the same: keep it simple if you want to relate the widest possible array of customers. That’s a smart decision you’ll never regret.

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