Promoting your Brand with Wall Calendar greeting cards

Calendar greeting cards

One of the first rules in marketing is promoting your brand. Our goal as business owners is to make our name a household name. Some companies spend a fortune on slogan development or logo copyright because they know that a well crafted symbol or jingle can not only make their product easily recognizable worldwide, it can also drive sales. Think of the money people are willing to spend just to have that check mark on the side of their tennis shoes.

Smart companies are experts at developing their brand. Even a young child can spot those huge golden arches in a city skyline from miles away. Or take for example Target’s bulls eye. Their logo is so easily recognizable that they no longer even have to include their company name in their advertisements.

Even local companies can use branding as a smart sales tool. We have a small, family owned printing company in my hometown. They’ve been in business for about fifty years now, despite competition from big internet companies like Vistaprint or big box stores like Kinkos that are able to provide ridiculously cheap printing services. But they’ve managed to survive because of one very inexpensive marketing tool: wall calendars.

Almost every business you walk into has a large, year at a glance wall calendar posted somewhere in their lobby, in individual offices, or in their break room. Customers use it, employees use it, and it is seen by potentially hundreds on a daily basis. My local printing company knew this, and so years ago they started printing these every year, with their own logo on them, and distributing them to other local businesses in town. It didn’t matter if you were one of their regular customers or not, somewhere around the middle of December, whether you were a bank, a hospital, a school, even an auto body shop, you’d get as many complimentary wall calendars as you wanted to display in your building. You see, that printing company realized that even if you didn’t buy from them, you’d hang up their calendar. And maybe one of your customers would see it and decide to buy from them. Or maybe when you needed some personal printing done, you’d buy from them. Today, every school in our area has their newspapers printed by this company. Nearly every bride has her invitations printed there, and they are the first stop most people make when they need business cards.

You can achieve the same success and name recognition for your company by using some of the smart options available through our customizable holiday cards. Not only do we offer wall calendars with your company logo, we offer a variety of Thanksgiving and Christmas cards with room for your company’s logo, slogan, or even an entirely customizable greeting. Simply by adding your business’ logo to your holiday greeting cards you can increase your company’s visibility in a non-invasive way. When your customers display your greeting card, it is then seen by their customers, who then share your name as that company they heard about that offers a particular product or service. And best of all, there’s no extra charge for our customizable cards and wall calendars. You can’t ask for a better deal than that!

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