Announce Charitable Donations In Personalized Corporate Holiday Cards

When sending out personalized corporate holiday cards, it can be difficult to know what to say. After all, every card your recipients get will wish them happy holidays or a merry Christmas and offer good wishes for the new year. But you can make your card stand out from the rest by announcing that a charitable donation has been made in honor of your customers or clients.

The specifics of how you do this are up to you, but we have some advice.

Corporate holiday cards

When Sending A Large Number Of Cards

If you’re sending to a card list that includes dozens or hundreds of people, announcing a single donation in honor of your customers as a group is a great way to show that your company is a solid corporate citizen and thinking about more than just marketing. People often feel emotional during the holiday season, and showing your company’s generosity can help you connect with customers on a closer level.

It isn’t inappropriate to announce the extend of your generosity, especially if it’s particularly impactful. A large corporation announcing a total $1,000 gift in honor of all its customers will seem paltry. When announcing the amount of the donation, think big. And actually make the donation. Someone might just check to make sure it’s been done.

Consider adding a line like “Our company has donated $10,000 this month to children’s charities in honor of customers like you” to your personalized corporate holiday cards.

When You Have A Small But Committed Client Base

If you send to a small list of only a couple dozen committed customers, consider making donations in each of their names to a charity. If you know them well, make the donations to charities that each customer supports. Otherwise, make it to one that’s in line with your company’s mission. Include standard printed personalization in your cards, then write in the specifics of your donation.

Consider a line like “Don, we’re donating $100 in your honor to the Boys and Girls Club in town. We know how much it means to you” or something similar. This can provide maximum impact, and the organization may also acknowledge the gift in a newsletter or magazine, providing additional reinforcement.

For many recipients, this kind of personalized donation, announced in your personalized corporate holiday cards, is better received than another gift basket of hard apples, fake cheese or coffee packets no one will ever drink.

You know your customers and clients, and you know whether they’ll appreciate the idea of you making a donation in their honor.

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