Didn’t Send Holiday Cards? Calendar Cards Are Perfect For Sending In Early January

Did you mean to send Thanksgiving cards and never got around to it? Perhaps you intended to send out corporate Christmas cards but the time slipped away. There’s still time to make a positive impression on your clients and the others on your card list. Send calendar cards. They’re perhaps more appropriate for sending now than in November or December.

And because calendar cards are as useful as they are beautiful, there’s a real chance your positive marketing message will stay up all year, making an impact for you every time someone glances that direction.

Sending regular business holiday cards in early January is a tip-off that your company doesn’t have its act together, but calendar cards will be well received in January. And since they’ll arrive after the holiday rush, they aren’t likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Business calendar greeting cards

Not Just For The Forgetful

In fact, calendar cards aren’t just for those who forgot to send corporate Christmas cards or let time slip away. Some businesses choose to send Thanksgiving cards in November and then calendar cards in early January, amounting to a one-two punch of holiday cheer that makes a stronger impression than a single card can.

Whether you sent a Thanksgiving card or not, however, a calendar card personalized with your business name is something customers will remember receiving and continue to consult all year long. We may all have a calendar in our computer and on our phone, but there’s nothing like being able to see the year at a glance on small wall calendar that’s always there.

You Just Might Get By With It

Whether sending cards late this year is an intentional decision or not, sending calendar cards is a great way to avoid missing the card season entirely. Your recipients will think you actually meant to wait until early January to send your cards when you switch from traditional business Christmas cards to calendar cards.

And here’s the best part: you’re sending something that you can be sure your recipients will enjoy having around. If you’re concerned about using precious natural resources for sending a card — or worried that your recipients might get the wrong idea about your environmentally friendliness — sending calendar cards helps ease the concern since they’re useful tools for your recipients and not just marketing tools and conveyers good wishes.

We’d love for you to send Thanksgiving cards in November or the appropriate style of holiday cards in December, but you haven’t missed your chance entirely if you didn’t. Order and send calendar cards right away and give your clients something useful by which to remember you for the entire year.

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