10 Jolly Ways to Use Holiday Greeting Cards as Decor

Christmas frame for greeting card with decorative ornaments

Holiday greeting cards are one of the many joys of the season.

So few people take the time to send items through the mail anymore. When we receive a festive greeting from loved ones, it is a special reminder of all we celebrate.

Instead of letting the cards pile up with the rest of your mail, use them to add joyful flourishes to your home.

Integrating greeting cards into your holiday decorating is easy. It can personalize the season when you include mementoes of all your friends who may not be with you in person.

Here are 10 ways you can use greeting cards to add some holiday cheer to your home decor.

1. Holiday Greeting Cards as Trees

One of the icons of this time of year is the classic evergreen tree with its triangular shape. Why not tape your greeting cards to a wall in your home in the shape of a Christmas tree?

You can attach rows of holiday greeting cards in gradually increasing width to create a whimsical card tree in your living room.

Use washi tape to adhere the cards with a touch of glitz.

You can even top off your “card tree” with a cut-out picture of your own family in the shape of a star.

2. Card Ornaments

Another fun project is to hang your cards from the limbs of your holiday tree. You can punch a hole in the top of the card. Then, string a ribbon through it to hang the card from the piney branches.

You can also purchase inexpensive clear globes from the dollar store and insert pictures or sayings from the cards.

Some creative types have attached images from cards to round blocks of wood. This is great for a rustic look.

Others use canning lids or origami techniques to transform holiday cards into amusing and attractive decorations to hang on the tree.

3. Card Wreaths

String your holiday greeting cards together in a wreath to hang on the front door as a welcoming gesture to friends and family.

You can attach cards to evergreen boughs and add glitter to look like snow.

Some brand name retail stores sell wreath card holders. Still, you can easily make one of these yourself with green clothespins, chicken wire, and a glue gun.

A string of “fairy lights” adds extra pizzazz to your card wreath.

4. Mantlepiece Decorations

Another fun idea for displaying your holiday greeting cards is to line them up on your mantlepiece. They will make a lovely tableau along with the stockings hanging and waiting for Santa.

You can add pine cones and red Christmas balls to the cards for another festive touch.

If the mantlepiece is not long enough to accommodate all of the cards, attach the cards to ribbons. Then, let them trail down in front of the fireplace.

If you plan on lighting the fire, make sure you remove the cards and any other paper products which could create a hazard!

5. Framed Art

Personalized cards are art, so why not treat them as such?

Collect your favorite cards into a beautiful frame and hang them on the wall.

You could even make this an annual tradition. Do this by framing your favorite cards from each year and hanging them side by side. It’s an ideal way to see how the children of your friends have grown over time.

6. Light Them Up

Twinkly or “fairy” lights are a happy staple of holiday decorating. They can also add a sparkle to your card display.

Try twisting a cord of colored or white lights around an inside door or window frame and clipping cards to it. You might also direct focused spotlights in your home on areas where you have created a special card montage.

Another safety reminder: always keep candles and live flames away from holiday greeting cards and other flammable decorations!

7. Hang Them from Window Shutters

If you have run out of room for all of the cards you have received, why not consider some unconventional ways to show them off?

You can showcase cards from your friends and business associates on many surfaces in your home — even window shutters.

It’s simple and easy to transform a room’s look by attaching greeting cards to the slats in Venetian blinds or louvered window shutters. Surprise your guests with this unexpected touch!

8. Decorate the Staircase

Staircases are a great way to showcase art and pictures of loved ones. Why not tape your cards along the bannister and balusters of your stairs?

As your family and friends go up and down, they will be greeted by the smiling faces of friends near and far from pictures on the holiday greeting cards.

You may want to leave the display up all year!

9. DIY Card Holders

A search through craft sites shows many ingenious ways to create unique card holders: you are really only limited by your imagination.

Some artisans have created special card holders using wooden ladders, pallets, boxes and other found items.

10. String Them From the Windows

Stringing cards from your windows makes your home welcoming and warm in the holiday season.

Choose a window that looks out on your front yard. That way, your display will be the first thing people see as they come up the front walk. It’s a joyful way to greet your guests, or carolers out in the neighborhood.

Use twine, ribbon or a string of twinkly lights and zig zag it across your window frame. Then attach the greeting cards, with the photo or image facing outwards.

You can use colorful clothes pins or glittering ribbons to string the cards.

If you live in a climate warm enough to open the windows during the holiday the cards can swing gently in the breeze.

Happy Holidays!

With a little imagination, you can find the perfect way to include cards from friends, family and colleagues in all aspects of your holiday celebration.

Acknowledge the thought that these friends put into choosing a card for you by giving it a place of honor in your home.

You will smile every time you see it throughout the holiday season.

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