5 Tips to Make Your Business Holiday Card Stand Out

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Sending out a business holiday card is a great way to show your clients and partners that you care about them. Check out these tips to really make it shine.

Sending a business holiday card is a great way to show a customer just how much you value and appreciate their continued support.

It could be, however, that your customer will receive several different holiday cards throughout the season. You’ll want to make sure that your business makes a lasting impression amongst all of the other well wishes.

It can be difficult to find a good balance between being fun and quirky while still remaining professional and appropriate.

With these following tips, you’ll have no trouble at all getting the most out of your holiday cards!

1. Cater to Your Customer

By now, you probably know the type of customers you get on a daily basis. You use this information to your advantage every day.

When it comes to the perfect business holiday card, you’ll want to do the same.

Regardless of anything else, you don’t want to send a holiday card that doesn’t suit your customer.

For example, if your main customer is the everyday mom, you’ll want to send them a card that they’ll enjoy. Something with flowers or catering to their love of their children. Focus on something wholesome and warm.

You probably wouldn’t want to send this same kind of design if your main target customers are bikers who love the thrill of the road and their motorcycles.

If you have a wide range of customers, it’s good to find a neutral design instead of pinpointing one group specifically.

2. Personalize It

A great thing to include in your business holiday card is a personal touch.

Having this extra special element can truly make a difference in whether or not the card will be memorable. It shows your customers that you’ve taken the time to add something unique to your card.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive. This could be something along the lines of a small gift card for a favored product to the customer receiving it. Or, perhaps you can include a handwritten note from the owner to all of your customers.

It could even be a little doodle added to the card of your company’s mascot or best-selling product.

This personal touch could become a tradition that your customers will look forward to receiving every year.

3. Make It Multi-Purpose

Your business holiday card can be more than just a card. It can be something that your customer can make use of past the holiday season.

Not only will this be a neat gift, but it also helps your company’s name stand out for longer than what a normal card would be able to achieve. Instead of being stuck up on a wall for the month before being tossed away with the rest, your card will get extra use. It will stick around in your customer’s view for longer.

One such idea is to make the card a calendar. The new year will be just around the corner and a calendar is a useful item to give your customers. Making it pocket-sized could ensure that your card finds its way into a purse rather than the trashcan once the holiday season is over.

Another idea is to make the card shine and shimmer like an ornament. You could make it into a small crafting project so that the customer’s children could get involved. There are myriad ways to make a holiday card into decor for the home.

4. Consider Sending eCards

It has been debated that eCards are better than paper cards, but we believe that sending both is the best choice. There’s an inherent charm to receiving a card in the mail, but eCards can be useful as well.

Not only do eCards not require printing or mailing, they also give the younger crowd a chance to share them across their favorite social media. This kind of social networking can expand the reach of your company’s name.

With so many people in constant reach of their phones and the Internet, eCards may be a great addition to any business’s holiday campaign, especially when it comes to smaller companies still starting out. The cheap price tag of sending an eCard could make it a better choice when compared to a normal printed card.

When coming up with a design for an eCard, you’ll want to keep in mind the same kinds of tips we’re sharing here as well.

5. Don’t Be Late

Regardless of anything else, you’ll want to ensure that your customers receive their business holiday card in good time.

It can take more time than you think. Designing a card and going through the process of addressing and sending it to your customers takes time. This is not to mention how long it will take for the postal service to deliver it, considering how heavily loaded it can get during the holiday season.

Make sure to send your holiday cards well before the end of the season. Typically, the cards should already be in the mail and on their way by the second week in December. Anything later and you’d be risking the chance that the card will arrive far later than optimal.

It can look unprofessional for a customer to receive a holiday card in January. At that point, it won’t matter how beautiful your card design may be.

The Best Business Holiday Card for Both You and Your Customers

Utilizing these tips will help your business holiday card stand out among the rest. Don’t let your card get lost amongst the masses. Show your customers just how memorable your business truly is.

There are many ways to maximize the impact of your holiday card, so don’t hold back in using them to their fullest capabilities.

If you’d like some help with your holiday cards, learn more about who we are and how we can help you!

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