How to Write the Perfect Birthday Message

And many more! Wait. That’s not how you’re going to close off your birthday card message, is it?

Writing a birthday greeting is difficult when you don’t know what to say. What is the best way to communicate appreciation for someone in your life, while giving them a special birthday greeting?

If you strive to give birthday cards that friends and family will hang on to forever, you know that the message is the most important part.

Here is how to write a birthday message that your loved ones will treasure. If you don’t know where to begin, read on.

Consider the Recipient of the Message

Before you begin crafting the perfect message that your audience is going to love forever, consider who it’s for. Is the person you’re writing for:

  • Your parent
  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your boss
  • A friend

Your audience dictates how your message goes when learning how to write a birthday message. You wouldn’t tell your parent the same type of birthday wish as you would your spouse.

Are you looking for a funny or romantic birthday wish? Or perhaps you want to acknowledge seriousness or a somber attitude.

Think carefully about what you hope to accomplish with your message. Decide what the person you are writing for would appreciate the most.

Know the Basics of How to Write a Birthday Message

The ideal birthday message should not be long or drawn out. Instead, think about something special that you wish to convey.

The main sentiment you wish to convey could include:

  • How much you love the person
  • How they have changed your life
  • How glad you are to know them
  • Acknowledging advice or help they have given you
  • Conveying thanks for what they have contributed to your life

The content of your message will depend on who you are directing it to. In any card, make these three factors present when figuring out how to write a birthday message:

  • Heartfelt greeting
  • The main wish or point you want to get across
  • Your love, respect, or admiration for this person

After you know your main point, build your greeting and sign-off around it. No matter who the car is intended for, you’re sure to impress the person on the receiving end.

If you are sending the card to an older person who doesn’t get a lot of mail, or you don’t see them often, consider a handwritten letter. This thoughtful gesture is enough to make their day since most folks don’t send letters the way they used to.

Sentimental or Witty? You Decide

The answer to this depends on factors like:

  • How long you’ve known the person
  • The relationship you have
  • What type of message you think they would enjoy the most

If your boss is the type who enjoys making jokes and laughing, a card that has a tasteful, witty message is something they would enjoy. If the card is for your grandmother on her 100th birthday, a sentimental message is appreciated, in most cases.

In business environments, it’s crucial you tow a fine line between thoughtful and personal, yet tasteful.

Birthday greetings from a company must offer a message acknowledging the employee and wishing them well. If you can add in a message of fun, that’s an added bonus, as long as it doesn’t detract from the company’s message.

For the family, friends, or someone you love, think about their personality. Of course, when planning how to write a birthday message, you can go outside of the norm.

Even if your partner is normally the jolly type and says the sentimental message you wrote was “mushy”, it’s likely they still appreciate the thought. Be mindful of that factor as you create something for them, and don’t take it personally.

Special People or Occasions You Should Go the Extra Mile For

There are certain occasions that going the extra mile makes a difference. These include:

  • Milestone birthdays, such as turning 80 years old
  • After a person has experienced a hard or difficult year
  • When the person in questions has done something to help you, such as a promotion or given you help in another form

The person you want to do something special for could be anyone, from your child to an old friend. What matters is if you have a message you want to communicate with them that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Birthdays offer the perfect opportunity to share feelings of love and appreciation, regardless of how the person you’re writing for has touched your life.

Best Type of Cards to Use

When planning how to write a birthday message, make sure you get a card that is just right for what you want to say.

Pick a card that has plenty of blank space for you to write. Although a card with personal touches is great, look for something that isn’t obnoxious.

The last thing you want is for the card itself to detract from the sentiments you wish to leave your birthday person with. When in doubt, less is more.

Plan for something that lets you communicate everything you want to say. A simple and sweet birthday card is something most folks will hold on to and treasure for the rest of their lives.

Let Us Help You

By now, you know how to write a birthday message, but you’re wondering where to go to get the birthday card you need.

Let us help you find one! Check out our blog, and see the many ways to create birthday messages that show your recipient how much you care.

No matter what you want to say on your next card, we’ll show you how to make a lasting impression. All it takes is heartfelt feelings and a card just right for your recipient!

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