6 Reasons to Send Personalized Thank You Cards

Have you ever received a thank you card that made you smile? Did you recall your last interaction with the sender as you tucked that card into someplace where you can look at it throughout the day?

That’s the power of saying thank you, and there’s nothing quite so special as when that message is personalized.

If you’re looking to send your gratitude to someone in a traditional and beautiful way, continue reading.

We’ll show you all the ways that personalized thank you cards can really make a difference.

1. Personalized Thank You Cards Strengthen Relationships

It’s far too easy to delete a message given to you on social media or through email. It’s far more likely that a person will hang on to a personalized thank you card because it really shows them that they are cared for. That what they did is truly appreciated.

No matter what you might be thanking them for, receiving a thank you card is going to make them think of you in a different light. It will make your relationship with that person grow.

Receiving anything in the mail these days can make a person feel special. When that piece of mail is a card showering them with gratitude, it’s bound to make them feel extra special.

Whether it’s your grandmother you’ve known your whole life or a person who interviewed you once for a job, thank you cards strengthen ties between people.

2. Shows Gratitude in a Special Way

Not many people are writing these kinds of thank you cards anymore. If you’re looking to show a person just how special they are to you, personalized thank you cards are the way to go.

This will not only let you share your gratitude, it can also start a longer lasting conversation with that person. It lets you repay that person for the effort they gave you by giving them some of your own effort in return.

Plus, when you handwrite something, it opens up the opportunity to jot down extra thoughts or feelings. You could doodle a little picture or add some personal hearts to the message. All of these additions make the thank you card even more special.

3. Allows You to Share What was Forgotten

All too quickly, special moments are lost to us forever. Sure, there may be pictures to look at sometime in the future, but to actually recall specific memories takes effort that most of us don’t have time for.

When you take the time to write out personalized thank you cards, you force yourself to sit down and remember. Not only can you share those memories with a friend or a loved one, but it also helps you to remember that moment again in the future.

It helps to solidify those memories.

Also, thank you cards are the perfect way to tell someone something that you may have forgotten in the moment. Perhaps you wanted to reminisce with someone at their birthday party, but there was never any time. Sending a thank you card is the perfect time to do that.

If you’re sending a card in a more professional setting, perhaps for a job interview, then you can take the time to reiterate some of the qualities you might have undersold during the interview itself.

4. It’s Memorable

One of the greatest things about personalized thank you cards is the fact that they are unforgettable.

They’re so rare these days that your recipient will remember it for years to come. They may even keep it for those years, turning back to it when times get tough.

One day, a friend may come up to you and want to talk about that time you sent them that cute little thank you card. It will get you two talking again, and both of you can reminisce about the reason you sent that card in the first place.

It’s easy to forget an email sitting amongst hundreds of other emails. It’s nearly impossible to forget about receiving a personal handwritten message in the mail.

5. No Chance of a Spam Filter

Maybe you know how important thank you cards are. Perhaps you prefer the speed and ease of sending those thankful messages through email.

Unfortunately, email isn’t always reliable. Sometimes those messages will get taken away by an unruly spam filter before anyone has the chance to actually read what you’ve written.

Sending cards through the traditional mail is more trustworthy. You don’t want to spend a lot of time working on a message that comes from the heart, just to learn that the recipient never got the letter.

When handwriting your thank you cards, there’s no chance of the program breaking and losing all of your hard work. One of the worst things that could happen is that your pen runs out of ink. And you can easily grab another pen to replace it.

6. Handwritten Communication is Important

Sadly, the tradition of writing personalized thank you cards is beginning to dwindle in the modern age. But it’s important to keep such traditions alive.

Handwriting gives a completely different feel than when you type something up on the computer. You have to take your time and write out each letter with care. That kind of care gets put into the message, whether you think about it or not.

There’s a sense of personal intimacy with handwriting something. You give more of yourself to the message you’re trying to convey.

And what better way to do that than with a heartfelt thank you card?

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from the easy distance of technology and simply write a nice message to someone you are thankful for.

Get Started on Your Personalized Thank You Cards Today

With all of this laid out before you, it’s easy to see exactly why some people still cling to this tradition. It certainly takes a little more time and a little more effort when compared to throwing an email to someone.

But we think that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Do you have a lot of personalized thank you cards to write? Consider buying in bulk!

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