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Dove Holiday Cards

The dove is often seen as a traditional symbol of Christmas. It’s not uncommon to find sparkling doves of white or silver adorning Christmas cards, trees, wreaths or garlands. What does this dainty bird have to do with Christmas?

The dove is widely recognized as a symbol of peace.

Doves and hawks, for example, have long been used as metaphors to draw a contrast between peace lovers and warmongers.

During the busy holiday season, this pretty bird serves a reminder of the peace of Christmas. Families may place decorative doves on their Christmas trees in the hope of enjoying a peaceful holiday gathering, personal peace, or even world peace.

As snow falls gently outdoors, the dove offers a quiet memento of tranquility and gentleness.

The dove is also an emblem for God’s Holy Spirit.  Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  The dove, then, is naturally and supernaturally a symbol of Christmas.

Choose from our large collection of Christmas Dove Cards which are fashioned in exquisite and elegant design. By sending our specially crafted Dove Greeting Cards you will surely share peace with those special people, near and far.

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