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Festive Packages Holiday Cards

There’s something inherently rewarding about opening a package, no matter what your age. Think about the last time you ordered something online. You waited all those days for it to finally arrive, and then when the delivery man finally dropped it off, you couldn’t wait to grab a knife from the kitchen drawer and tear open the box. Even though you knew exactly what was inside, and maybe there was even a photo of it on the outside of the box, you just had to open that package right then!

It’s almost as if our brains are hardwired to know that packages hold something special inside. And any kid can tell you the best part of Christmas is the presents! Sure the food is great, the twinkling lights on the tree are mesmerizing, and the time with family is always memorable, but nothing excites quite as much as all those shiny, sparkly, big and small, square or round, or sometimes yet to be discovered shapes that magically appear under the tree. Sometimes it’s torturous to endure the weeks of waking each day to find one or two new packages tucked away under there, and then scrambling underneath to see whose name is on the tag, until finally the pinnacle of the season, the most exciting day of the year, bringing with it hope of that really big super special magical package or packages left by Santa. It’s enough to get a youngster’s heart racing just imagining it.

Bring that same kind of excitement to all your contacts this year with one of our packages holiday cards. These cards are bursting at the seams, draped in ribbons and bows, some being carefully placed by Santa, while others are wrapped in a gold foil ribbon to appear like the card itself is the package. These cards are sure to delight everyone on your list. We also offer customizable cards where you can feature your company name or business logo, and of course as always, the verse inside can also be customized. 

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