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Stars Holiday Cards

Reach for the stars! When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. Thank your lucky stars. They were star-crossed lovers. It was written in the stars. Oh my stars! Everywhere we look, stars seem to permeate our society. In song lyrics, simple expressions, and famous poems, stars are referenced more often than anything else in the night sky.

Stars have played an important role throughout the history of mankind. They provide light in the dark, they help us navigate our way, and they have become significant symbols for astronomers, philosophers, and religious leaders. They can represent nobility, military power, or any kind of fame, from a gold star sticker we give to students for a job well done to a permanent star set in concrete on Hollywood Boulevard. They can be found on family crests, country flags, military regalia, and all manner of logos and art forms. Simply put, stars indicate that something or someone is important, special, powerful, or maybe even divine. For all these reasons, stars and starry skies are a common theme found in holiday decorations and greeting cards.

Let stars light up the world of all the special people in your life this holiday season with one of our star studded holiday cards. Maybe there’s a special star in your life you want to show off with one of our photo cards framed in a gold star border. Or perhaps you want to show your American pride with our stars and stripes greeting cards. Or maybe the peacefulness of a starry night sky is more your style. No matter your taste, we have a wide selection of holiday cards featuring stars in every size and color, including the most celebrated star of the holiday season, the star of Bethlehem.

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