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World Flags Holiday Cards

In every nation around the globe, there are people who may speak different languages, wear different styles of clothing, and eat different cuisines, but they celebrate the same holidays and perform many of the same rituals during the winter holiday season. Though our world may be diverse, through unity we come together to honor the teachings of our faith and pray for a future filled with opportunity for all and the hope for world peace.

Express your wishes for peace this season with one of our world flag holiday cards that feature flags from around the world and wishes of good tidings in a variety of languages. Honor friends and family or business associates and their unique cultures who, though they may salute a different flag or speak in a different tongue, share your values and surprise them with one of our international greeting cards. We also offer a calendar card that prominently displays world flags woven into ribbon and bows adorning the tops of gift boxes. This calendar lists important dates for the upcoming year including major holidays celebrated around the world.

Finally, show your love of the red white and blue with our Stars and Stripes greeting card. This patriotic card featuring our own nation’s flag billowing in the breeze also displays in large gold foil script the hope for peace that drives all patriots who dream of a brighter future for our nation and our allies.

Let peace and diversity be your guiding light this holiday season and honor those around the world who, though they may look and speak differently than you, are all part of this one global family. 

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