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Wreath Holiday Cards

Best Holiday Cards offers a large selection wreath holiday cards to choose from but have you ever paused to wonder where, when and why the wreath became a holiday symbol.  Most people don’t think of the rich history attached to these beautiful Christmas decorations.  Wreaths are more than just decorations. If you’re driving through town during the Holiday Season, you may see a Christmas wreath on almost every front door and inside of almost every house.

The word wreath comes from an old English word “writhen” which means “to writhe” or “to twist.” The hanging of Christmas wreaths originated from the Romans who hung wreaths on their doors as a sign of victory and of their status in society. Women usually wore them as headdresses as a symbol of pride, and also donned them during special occasions such as weddings. Additionally, the victors of sporting events in ancient Greece were given laurel wreaths.

The making of wreaths is an ancient and honored art that began about a thousand years before the birth of Christ.  The Christmas Wreath symbolizes the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter.  At Christmas, the wreath is symbolic of Christian immortality.  The circle and the sphere are symbols of immortality.  The use of evergreens and wreaths as symbols of life was also an ancient custom of the Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews among other people.

Choose from our large collection of Christmas Wreath Cards which are fashioned in exquisite and elegant designs, matched by appropriate styling. By sending our specially crafted Wreath Greeting Cards you will surely make a positive impression on those important people you know.

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A Warm Welcome!
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