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Santa Christmas Cards

Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas. Whatever you call him, he is an iconic figure dating as far back as the 4th century, known for bringing good cheer and presents to children around the world Though the legends surrounding him vary whether you’re in Turkey, Holland, Germany, England, or the United States, thanks to the work of political cartoonist Thomas Nast in the early 1800’s, most places today envision him as a portly, jolly white bearded man in a red and white suit with a bag filled with toys for all the good boys and girls. Some children even leave him a small gift, such as a plate of milk and cookies as do children in North America, or maybe a little something stronger such as a pint in Britain, where they obviously have more lenient laws about drinking and sleigh driving. In Kyrgyzstan, Santa even has a mountain peak named after him. And thanks to today’s technology, children can even track Santa through Norad and know exactly when they need to go to sleep so he’ll be sure to stop at their house on Christmas Eve.

Of course Santa couldn’t do all that work on his own, so he relies on the help of his elves and reindeer. As anyone who works in a large office knows, with such a big operation, mishaps are bound to happen, and our Santa cards reflect that with his mischievous elves and bungling reindeer. Poor Santa’s even been known to get in trouble himself, needing the help of his reindeer and even an attorney to get him out of some sticky situations. Share in the humor of Santa’s escapades this holiday season with one of our light-hearted Santa holiday cards. Spread good cheer and a few ho ho ho’s to all your friends this year. 

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