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Snowman Christmas Cards

Just about every kid who’s ever lived in a snowy climate has at some point built a snowman. Sure, snowball fights can be fun, but eventually somebody gets hurt, or someone comes up with the bright idea to make an even bigger snowball, and before you know it a huge snow sculpture begins to take shape. Whether it’s a two ball snowman like those common in Japan, or a towering three tiered snowman made popular by the 1950’s Frosty, snowmen can be spotted in just about any cold climate during the winter holidays, and sometimes in warmer climates too, thanks to the invention of machine made snow.

So where did this idea of snowmen come from? Well you may be surprised that the first documented depiction of a snowman came from a Book of Hours, a religious ritual book, dating back to 1380. Sure, in many ways medieval life was difficult and even barbaric compared to our standards, but historic accounts also tell us that people in medieval times also knew how to have fun. From massive feasts, to games of strength and cunning, to fantastical plays put to music, these people never missed an opportunity for a good time. So it only makes sense that during the winter months when the snow was thick on the ground, they wouldn’t let the opportunity for fun go to waste.

Down through the centuries this art form has evolved into a character often bedecked in scarves, hats, and other inexpensive items, to take on the appearance of a living being.  Some even believe he can come to life for a short time, and thus snowmen are also depicted in modern times as playing with the children who created them. Embrace this magic with one of our snowman themed cards, which feature lively snowmen nearly clinching a hole in one or frolicking with the wildlife. These cards are sure to make their recipients start singing about a corn cob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal. 

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