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Calendar Holiday Cards

Calendar cards make wonderful gifts for friends, family members and business associates. They can be sent for almost any occasion. It is often something done for acquaintances at Christmas or New Year’s, but you can send them to recognize a special day in the relationship you have with the recipient.

Send a calendar card to a friend with a couple of penciled-in dates for the two of you. Let them know you want to spend some time with them.

Try sending the calendar card for an anniversary of something special between you and the recipient. If you have a business relationship with them, send it for the day you began working together. This would make a nice reminder of your company and could remind them to use your services again. If you are still in business together, it shows them how much you value them as a customer or business partner.

The day-to-day dealings with your customers can be filled with business and impersonal communications; many of them done electronically. Taking the time to send a calendar card they can keep on their desk or wall shows them your personal touch. It also keeps your company in front of them. Anytime they need your type of service or product, they will not need to look very far for the place to go.

Many consumers are concerned with the way the businesses they deal with take care of the environment. Sending one of our cards lets them know you are being careful when it comes to the earth; we use recycled paper for our cardstock. Reading our cards does not use any electricity or electronic device that will ultimately end up sitting in a landfill somewhere for generations. Knowing that you are conscientious of the world to such a degree, will assure your clients of the same type of care in your dealings with them.

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