Welcome Holiday Cards

Nothing compares to the feeling of dread that a kid experiences on the first day at a new school... except maybe a new employee’s first day at a new job, or a new neighbor’s first get-together at the homeowner’s association, or a new congregant’s first church picnic. Being the “new guy” can be stressful at any age, but sending a warm welcome card can be a great way to relieve that stress and introduce yourself and/or your organization to a new member.

A paper card is a great way to get in touch with a new person to a group because, unlike electronic cards or emails, a card won’t be deleted because the recipient doesn’t know the sender. Also, sending these high quality cards shows that you care. They can be especially suitable for business contacts—the customer can feel the durable quality of the card and know that your company is committed to excellence in even the smallest details.

We have a wide variety of welcome cards that are suitable for any occasion. If you’re a teacher welcoming a new student, let other students sign a bright, child-friendly card to welcome their new classmate. Welcome a new neighbor with a card—it’s a great way to introduce yourself long before the housewarming party. If you’re an employer training a new employee, try including a personalized corporate card with their orientation materials for an individual touch. The same corporate cards can be sent to new clients to show them that you’re committed to customer service.

Plus, these cards are made from recycled paper, so they’re good for the environment. After they are used, they can be recycled again or left to biodegrade. In short, choosing these welcome cards to introduce yourself makes you a responsible ambassador of the Earth as well as a responsible ambassador from your group.

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