Holiday Greenery Greeting Cards

Holiday greenery such as holly and ivy has been a part of winter celebrations since the 15th century. As an evergreen that unlike most bushes continued to bloom throughout the cold and snowy winter, English ivy became a popular decoration for druids and Celts who would fashion the ivy into wreaths as part of their winter solstice decorations. This hardy greenery served as a reminder that even in the most barren times, there is always the promise of renewal and better times to come. Similarly, holly was used by the early Romans in their winter Saturnalia celebrations, in honor of Saturn, a week long festival that ended on December 23 and included festivities which closely mirror future Christmas activities such as large banquet meals and gift giving. By the 15th century, holly and ivy had become mainstays in the Christian church, with wreaths crafted with these greenery adorned most church doors. This practice extended throughout many European countries such as England and Germany, and when immigrants came to the New World, they brought this tradition with them.   In Christian lore, the prickly ivy is often depicted as a symbol of the crown of thorns worn by Christ, and the accompanying holly is a representation of his blood, as indicated in the lyrics of the popular Christmas carol dating back to the 1950’s, “The Holly and the Ivy.”

Today, holly and ivy and other holiday greenery like mistletoe can be found in homes and churches, on front doors and hanging from archways, shaped into wreaths, swags, and intertwined with ribbons and floral arrangements and all manner of decorations. Our holiday greenery cards honor this age old tradition by using holiday greenery in a variety of ways and representations, from fun borders to ornate wreaths. Whether you desire photo cards, personalized cards, or classic holiday cards, our selection of holiday greenery greeting cards has something for every taste. 

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