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Americans have been enthralled with Christmas trees ever since 1851, when a Catskill farmer took a huge load of them to New York City and sold every one. By 1920, the practice of buying and decorating a tree during Christmastime was common.

Selecting a Christmas tree card continues the tradition of making trees the center of attention during the holiday season. When it comes to Christmas tree cards, you can choose from a host of settings. You can pick a card that highlights gorgeous, snow-covered evergreens with mountains as a backdrop. Or maybe you’d prefer an indoor setting that features a perfectly trimmed tree surrounded by a plethora of beautifully wrapped gifts of all shapes and sizes.

An English inventor named Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first Christmas card in London in 1843. 32 years later, the first printed cards were distributed in America. It took another 100 years, during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency, for the White House to issue its first official card.

According to the United States Postal Service, the busiest mailing day for holiday cards in 2011 was December 20, and the busiest delivery day for holiday cards that year was December 22. Millions of people are committed to the long-cherished tradition of sending greeting cards through the Postal Service.

These days, cards featuring Christmas trees and other symbols of the holiday are often made from recycled paper (containing 30% post-consumer waste, according to the Federal Trade Commission). Two-thirds of the paper that is consumed in the United States is now recovered and most is reused.

The popularity of Christmas cards remains strong. Customers of all ages who are conscious of style tend to prefer sending paper cards, and will pay a little more for them. Whether you purchase Christmas tree cards that are lavishly decorated or charmingly simple, your selections are sure to draw admiring glances from every recipient on your holiday list.

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